Savoy Ulus Clubhouse

Developed by Çarmıklı-Saruhan coorporation, Savoy Ulus is a residential complex that consists of various types of apartments all designed to satisfy different types of living. With its modern architectural style as well as exquisite services and facilities, the project breathes new life to the upscale Ulus area, a hilltop district of Istanbul that is home to many apartment complexes built back in the 80s and 90s.

At the centre of the residential complex is the Savoy Ulus Clubhouse – a joint-use sports and entertainment complex, featuring a lounge area, café, multimedia room, swimming pool, spa rooms, fitness and cardio areas, with interiors designed by Autoban.

The elevation of the site was the main determining factor of the architecture of the building and its unique geometry, which has eventually become part of the landscape. Here, Autoban has created an interior shell that is totally in tune with the architecture. In fact, the building’s unique geometry has guided all the forms and materials used all throughout. The result is a myriad of textures and radial patterns that mimic the geometry of the building.


L’ist İstinye Suites

L'ist İstinye Suites is a housing project located in one of the most valuable residential districts of Istanbul's European side, Istinye, with unique views of the Bosphorus. Consisting of 150 suites in 14 blocks, the residential development also features sports and relaxation facilities, including two outdoor and one heated indoor pools as well as a fully-equipped fitness and spa centre.

The correct correlation of location, terrain and landscape, the use of water as a unifying natural element, and a natural material palette make up the unique characteristics of the development, which Autoban took as a reference point and developed a sound design perspective with aspects that convert living spaces into areas of comfort, joy and taste.


Nef Flats 163

Inspired by Istanbul and the lifestyle of the city’s young working professionals, NEF Flats 163 is a new concept in high-rise way of living.

Located in Levent, one of the main business districts in Istanbul, the residential development translates the multilayered and chaotic architectural fabric of the city into a systematical order for the building to respond to its local surroundings, while relating in scale to the neighbouring commercial towers.

In the design process, the pace of modern life and need for practicality has made ‘modularity’ the starting point of the project. Through the use of natural materials, clean and simple lines as well as open spaces and green areas, the building balances the fundamentals of modern architecture with the human need for warmth and comfort.

The design concept for the 24-storey residential tower draws on both a combination of boxes and ship containers, whose modularity have brought them to the fore.

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