Located in the the Muravandhoo Island, in North Maldives, JOALI with its interior design and certain architectural elements realised by Autoban, focuses on creating a unique story that joins the flora of a natural wonder of the island. As another showcase of the studio’s multi-layered design approach, JOALI gives a new meaning to the island life through an unlimited and dynamic experience, with an integral and a unique understanding between interior and exterior spaces, and architecture.

JOALI consists of 73 luxury land and over-the-water villas, restaurants, communal spaces that compliment this whole experience, and personalised facilities’ each designed with a unique story promising the guests a fairytale journey. Within the entire design of the outdoor and indoor facilities Autoban have applied its profession and well known experience on challenged usage of the local materials, and texture, using the mastering of high quality craftsmenship and combining the functionality of all the spaces with a unique aesthetic finishing.

The choice of materials and forms in the structures as well as the production techniques presents the abstract and unique forms in the Maldivian spirit. Wooden structures serves a rich but humble look. Smooth transitions continuing with rounded corners, brings structure a soft character. Terazzo material used in all floor surfaces integrate the interior and exterior space perception of the structure. Autoban’s multi-layered design approach can also be seen in all surfaces, continuing with single material, provide a backdrop with the layer system and hand-carved wooden panels that separate spaces create a visual richness with the unique design.

Autoban have applied their design approach of layering also in the exterior spaces of JOALI by building a delicate balance in the blend of function and aestetics and creating a nice flow between the spaces. Autoban’s mastery, focusing on details in furniture design, exhibits itself in all forms and this can be read in the movable furniture, all designed and applied specifically for this project. Like all other design decisions, the furniture also integrates the experience of JOALI and Maldivian spirit.

  • Total area 63.000 sqm
  • Client Guralla
  • Interior design Autoban
  • Photography Provided by the client

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