MADRID, 2010

Tres Encinas

Serving traditional seafood since 1967, Tres Encinas is a landmark restaurant in downtown Madrid, at a location that particularly exemplifies the deep socio-cultural richness of the city.

When Autoban was commissioned to redesign and refurbish the restaurant’s interiors, the designers opted for the space to reflect this unique quality of Madrid in a contemporary tone, while adhering to the Arts & Crafts tenet of staying true to local materials. This approach was predicated through generous use of materials such as wood, glass, metal and custom-printed glazed ceramic tiles in four types, whose arrangement and combinations narrate four different tales of fishermen and life on the sea all throughout the restaurant.

The floor, as well as the ceiling above the bar, is covered with classic wood parquet, a soft trompe l’oeil forming flat cubes that appear three- dimensional. The ceiling above the dining room features bespoke metalwork, which demonstrates a strong Art Nouveau influence. As vertical graphical elements, the surfaces of the grand French doors connecting the main dining rooms are decorated with largely horizontal patterns, underlining the relationship between the materials, metal and glass. An iron staircase connects all levels (two floors + mezzanine) of the restaurant, and the pattern on its banisters echo the pattern of the façade’s balcony railings hinting at a notional union of interior and exterior.

The restaurant is furnished with big tables made of walnut and wooden chairs that are built for maximum comfort to suit a culture that favours long conversations over long meals. Some of Autoban’s own designs, such as the Deer Chair and Bar Stool as well as the Zenovitch 24 chandelier find their place within the setting.

“From the moment you enter at the newly re-designed restaurant, the Tres Encinas experience begins. Gray-toned tiles covered walls, dramatic lighting and the warm beige of the tufted leather sofas are a gentle complement to the subdued sconces, elegant style and exclusive spirited light, the relaxed sophistication of the dining room of this restaurant in Madrid.” _DELOOD DAILY DESIGN MAGAZINE, 2010

  • Total area 870 sqm
  • Client Tres Encinas
  • Interior design Autoban
  • Project team Seyhan Özdemir, Sefer Çağlar / Zeynep Akten, Müge Başeğmez, Kürşat Koçak
  • Photography Manolo Yllera

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