ISTANBUL, 2003-2014

The House Café

Autoban has been working with the House Café Group since 2005. The Group was founded in 2002 with the opening of their first branch located inside an old Nişantaşı apartment flat. It became so popular that in 2005 a second branch in Tünel was launched, followed by many others. Today, an established café chain, The House Café operates several branches in Istanbul and elsewhere, all of which are designed by Autoban.

Through their work for the House Café, the studio have shaped the city’s café culture by dividing the cafes
into rooms that suggest a domestic arrangement and encourage guests to come together around a communal table.

No two branches look identical, but they are all based on the same, easily adaptable formula developed by Autoban. The practice has matched their interior design to the ‘a café with a home feel’ branding of the House Café, and come up with a different definition of ‘home’ at each branch, depending on what the space offers. Natural materials, mismatched furniture and communal tables are the common features of the House Café branch designs.

  • Client The House Group
  • Interior design Autoban
  • Designers Seyhan Özdemir, Sefer Çağlar
  • Project team Bilal Aydın, Murat Akyüz, Filiz Fettahoğlu, Canan Taşcı, İnci Şentürk, Berrin Ulutaş, Kerem Özerler, Elif Gürtaş, Yasemin Aktaş, Avni Alçın, Necmi Tığlı, Çağla Gürbay, Erhan Sağır, İlkay Aydın, Müge Çakır, Christine Açıkgöz
  • Photography Ali Bekman

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