Kilimanjaro Opening

Welcome to Kilimanjaro - Autoban's latest F&B project for Pozitif Live. Kilimanjaro is now open to the public at Bomontiada -the old brewery, the new art, culture and entertainment hub of Istanbul.

With interiors designed by Istanbul-based, multidisciplinary studio Autoban, the venue boasts a contemporary social environment inside a historic, industrial building, with careful attention given to its scale and original texture. While staying true to the factory typology of the space, Autoban has also paid homage to the building’s former use by choosing materials that are relevant to the times while it was still an active production plant – a time when artisan tradition played a collective part within industrial production. Therefore, starting with the multi-layered interior shell, a tactile mix of materials in natural finishes that bear traces of craftsmanship were found appropriate. Such choice of materials and artisan detailing were also helpful in softening the severity of the industrial atmosphere.

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